Emilio Perera, in the kitchen, and Rubén Perera, in the dining room, form the central axis of the El Fermín restaurant. Some brothers after inheriting the family restaurant and after being more than 20 years working in the sector, use their little free time to continue building and innovating in the world of cooking.

Some brothers with a vocation and a commendable effort, in the end, have had their results and have achieved the dream of building a restaurant as today El Fermín.

Michael Harants, a corporate chef for the Navy, demonstrates food  preparation techniques to Sailors. - PICRYL - Public Domain Media Search  Engine Public Domain Search

Passion, detail, personality, difference, and excellent treatment are the guide that characterizes us. We will be happy to serve you as we do best, with open arms and with our hearts in the fires. Welcome to our home. Welcome to El Fermin.
To facilitate the leisure moments of families, we have included in our own premises a playground, where parents can leave their children so that both can enjoy themselves. Our excellent monitor will make it the little ones of the house who are eager to return.

We are also the only restaurant in the area that performs monologues in Alcorcón every Thursday, in our desire to be different from the rest. We have enjoyed comedians of the stature of Carolina Noriega, Ismael Beiro, and Dani fintech among others, and little by little we are improving our billboard of artists.

With more than 350 votes on Tripadvisor and more than 300 opinions on Facebook, we remain in the Top 1 of the best restaurants in Alcorcón of the remaining 190. The opinions support us and we will not rest until we continue to improve each of our services

We have been obtaining the Tripadvisor certificate of excellence for 5 consecutive years, and this year thanks to it they have included us in their own hall of fame, something that few restaurants can say and of which we are very proud. Sample of the great sacrifice invested in El Fermín.