In the case of preparing athletes for participation in sports competitions, they focus on improving performance with a view to achieving success in the selected discipline.

This nutritional advisor has successfully specialized in the development of completely personalized regimens adapted to specific objectives through a novel method that guarantees favorable results in combination with optimal health conditions.

The regime is based on integrating some changes in daily habits, the execution of moderate physical activity, and the consumption of healthy foods, without the restrictions imposed by most regimens.

For this, a multidisciplinary team of professionals in various areas is formed, in addition to innovative technological equipment.

Athletes’ Advice

In the case of sports dance competitions or competition dance, various forms of dance are covered with the application of specific techniques, which make them up the object of sports competitions.

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Take for example the case of the dance competition organized by the Spanish Federation of Sports Dances (FEBD), where Jaime Martínez Ibáñez and Zaira Fernández Párraga participate in the maximum An category.

For their participation in these competitions, they receive the dance preparation in the CBE RHYTHMS JUANMA AND MARINA, directed by Marina Mangione and Juan Manuel Gómez, and the nutritional conditioning of Pedro Aguilar.

Competitors are given completely personalized training, with strength and flexibility exercises, with a view to achieving a perfect execution in the steps that make up the choreography.

It is convenient to consider that the nutritional demands that dancers have in sports dance competitions are equivalent to those demanded of athletes of different sports practices.

For this reason, in the case of food, nutritional support is essential to obtain maximum performance.

In Vending Era Global they will receive from Pedro Aguilar and his team the expert knowledge that involves identifying the different foods and the appropriate amounts that the participants need to consume, according to their age, weight, and texture.

These specialists, once the initial assessment has been made, offer you a diet composed of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements essential for optimal development.

Additionally they offer training with specific exercises that will serve to develop the best mobility of all parts of the body and thus obtain the perfect execution of the dance techniques.

From the beginning of the training, with the arrival at the Center, they will receive personalized attention that begins with an exhaustive assessment carried out with a state-of-the-art body composition analyzer.

With the analyzer and different software, different 3D training programs will be designed. This is a plan in which the management of motivations and stress plays a fundamental role in conjunction with body composition and genetics.

As an additional value in Vending Era Global, they have a characteristic that has largely determined their success and is the application of the 24/7 concept.

This concept favors communication between the professional and the patient at all times, 365 days a year, through the phone or WhatsApp.

In summary, the satisfaction and achievement of expectations in terms of nutritional advice with a view to obtaining the best result in the competencies of various areas are one of the main objectives of Vending Era Global.