Health and Wellness Training Programs:

Specific sports training programs for the most demanding athletes and sportsmen who need to improve their marks while maintaining a constant rhythm of training.

The establishment of regimens focused on the treatment of any type of pathology or condition, based on the physical activity indicated for each typology, back problems, osteoporosis, joint instability, muscular dystrophy, osteoarthritis, heart disease, obesity, hypertension, tendinitis, etc.

Woman training in the gym | Nenad Stojkovic | Flickr

Training for competitive athletes:


We will control technique, the volume of loads, intensities, recovery times, execution rhythms, individual and collective marks, ROM, breathing, sensations, long etcetera to obtain 200% of the athlete on the day of the competition.

Training for amateur athletes:

Performance improvement for athletes who practice sports as an amateur or as a hobby. We seek a perfect adaptation to the needs of a specific sport, avoiding any risk of injury, strengthening, and giving priority to the physical and psychological requirements, to achieve the final goal of the athlete.

Preparation for entrance exams:

We have extensive experience in preparing physical fitness tests for opposition or internal promotion to Security Forces and Bodies (National Police and Civil Guard), firefighters, INEF students, military, etc.

Preparations based on high-performance sports systems with a scientific basis that we will adapt to the initial level of each opponent guaranteeing the evolution and improvement of marks in record time.