Welcome to our children’s area, and to Vending Era Global children’s club. A space created by the need for families to enjoy their leisure time accompanied by the little ones in the house. A space created so that they can have fun and where all family members can spend unforgettable moments.

Our desire to innovate and distinguish ourselves from others led us to create a restaurant in a children’s area and we are proud to be one of the pioneer restaurants in Alcorcón in creating it.

A place where adults and children can enjoy food, and also the kids can have fun and be entertained thanks to our fun and charming monitor, always maintaining reasonable and competent prices.

Children Area’s Vending Era Global

Children's Area, 1st Floor Main Library | Open Space reading… | Flickr

Adults will be able to enjoy a good meal while their children will be having a great time. We will take care that the whole family is comfortable and you can spend a pleasant time in our facilities.

The age allowed to access our toy library will be from 3 to 12 years and a maximum capacity of 15 children. (In the event that there are more children, shifts will be made so that everyone can access our children’s area, always trying to ensure that no one is left out.)

We care about everything and everyone, so we have created a special children’s menu for them, which will cost 7 euros during the week and 12 euros on the weekend and that will make them want to repeat it again.

In order to access the children’s area of the restaurant they must provide the name, ID, and telephone number of the person responsible for the child to the entertainer (parents can not access the children’s area)

Our Children’s Area

It is forbidden to eat and drink inside the children’s area and the use of socks is mandatory. Children cannot go alone to the children’s area. It will be the monitor that will go out to look for the child or an adult will take him.

We hope to see your little ones have fun in our space dedicated to them. We assure you that they will have such a good time that next time they will be the ones who want to return to El Fermin. We love kids! We are waiting for you.